Dr. Taylor McConnell

Copyediting and German–English translation services for academics and small businesses

I offer a range of editorial and translation services tailored to your writing needs.

My expertise lies in business and the social and political sciences. I have research experience in memory studies, violence, nationalism, identity and European history, with a particular focus on Germany and the former Yugoslavia.

If you need a quick German–English translation, you’re in the right place! I also provide transcriptions of audio files in both English and German and offer document formatting and citation/reference checks.

I am a member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators and am committed to continuing professional development.

Note: 19% VAT applies from 1 January 2023 and will be added to invoices. Businesses within the EU must provide a VAT identification number. VAT does not apply to services provided to clients outside the European Union.

I was more than happy with Taylor’s work. He was very thorough in editing and proofreading my paper manuscript. In addition, he provided very helpful advice and detailed suggestions to improve the style and the content. My paper looked much better and sounded more coherent after Taylor’s inputs.

Dr. Adrian Favero
Assistant Professor in European Politics & Society,
University of Groningen, Netherlands