Plain English Editing

Whether you’re writing a contract, finishing a monograph or just stuck with dense text that you wish was more readable, a Plain English edit can help. Plain English doesn’t dumb down your text; rather, it makes your writing more accessible to your target audience (and, honestly, it just sounds better).

Want to see a sample? Visit my Terms and Conditions page. This has been throughly revised with you (ahem, ‘The Client’) in mind.

Plain English is a more direct and simple way of communicating your message and cuts through the jargon-y legalese that no one really like to read.

My Plain English editing service starts at €60.00 per 1,000 words. This is higher than my standard editing packages, as Plain English edits require two rounds of substantive revision. After completing the first run-through, I will send you back your text so you can confirm that the original meaning has been retained, especially where this is important. I will incorporate your feedback in the second round of editing, which includes a final proofread as well.


Do you have a backlog of interviews for your academic or corporate research and need some help writing up the final transcripts? Contact me for a custom quote. The cost per minute of audio starts at €2.00 but can vary depending on the quality of the recording and any additional requirements you may have.

A transcript of a one-hour interview starts from €120.00, for example.

German-English Translation

I can provide English-to-German and German-to-English translations from €0.09 per word for non-official documents, whether private, academic or corporate. Get in touch for a price estimate for your next translation project. I am not a court-certified translator and will not handle legal documents like birth or marriage certificates, driving licenses or formal contracts.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Very happy. Taylor translated a couple of blog articles for us and did an outstanding job. He is very friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended. Five star rating! ★★★★★

Nicole S., German-to-English translation for travel/philosophy blog

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